Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pack a gift for the road trip

If you're going on the road for an extended trip, which in my book means anything up to an hour's travel or more, it's usually beneficial to organise things for the children. The aim of this is to ensure everyone stays happy, hopefully still motivated about the trip, and without a headache (yep, speaking from some experiences I've had!) As my children have gotten older, travel time has been getting easier, but some ideas shared by Donna Rees would have made the four hour trek to grandma's a lot easier.

Donna Rees has written up a book full of inspiration called Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others. It contains 93 pages of ideas for the young ones right up to teens, and even adults. The intention is that you not only use the ideas to benefit your family, but to share these with family and friends. There's nothing like a practical gift! (Those who know me well know I also say that often. ☺)

Planning on your (the parent or gift-giver's) behalf is required, as you need to consider the age, interest and situation. Consider presentation also. Donna shows many lovely, colourful photos to help inspire ideas, and also supplies the needed points of considerations and 'how to' suggestions.

In reading through Donna's ideas, it occurred to me that my Nana actually did something similar for us when we were young. Here's an example of a travel kit I remember receiving: a plastic bucket and spade, a few baubles for the hair (I used to sometimes have pig-tails), fun pair of sunglasses, some boiled sweets and a travel sachet of shampoo and conditioner. It obviously made an impact as I remember it so vividly.

On our travels to dance competitions, I've also used some of these ideas for my children. Now, I confess, I didn't individually wrap each item, but put them into a bag per child: an audio book borrowed from the library, small drink each, notepad and pencil, packet of Tic-tacs. They also received a new pair of headphones each as their last pair had broken.

Donna does outline a whole heap of ideas, very well laid out plans and even suggestions on WHEN to open the gifts.

Where do you get these brainstorming ideas? Head on over to the TOS site HERE. This is an ebook, so it is available for immediate use upon payment of $12.95US. Now I just need to figure out what my 'signature gift' will be. :)

NB - I received this item from TOS for the purpose of review.  There is no other compensation and the opinions are my own.  I am happy to receive further questions which I'll answer to the best of my ability.  If you'd like to read further reviews on this product, please click on the icon below.


Catherine said...

What a nice review. I enjoyed reading it!

Ganeida said...

I could have used this before my last trip. Mine are big now. Even Ditz is used to long hauls so I didn't think 2 extra, one Ditz's age, one slightly younger, would need *supplies*. I was wrong. Something like this would have made all the difference. Ah well. Lesson learnt.